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Open Positions
Sr. Tax Accountant (REN)
Posted: 11/04/14 United States- OR -Portland
Analyst - Plan & Process Management (IR1 1039)
Posted: 11/04/14 United States- NY -Rochester
Lead Analyst – Insurance and Risk (IR1 1040)
Posted: 11/04/14 United States- ME -Portland
Lead Analyst - Contract Administration (CMP 11180)
Posted: 11/04/14 United States- ME -Augusta
Analyst - Settlement & Load Research (CMP 11091)
Posted: 11/04/14 United States- ME -Augusta
Lead Engineer - Electric System Engineering (NYSEG 10736)
Posted: 11/04/14 United States- NY -Vestal
Lead Analyst - Dispatch & ECC (NYSEG 11521)
Posted: 11/04/14 United States- NY -Vestal
Lead Engineer - Electric System Planning (CMP 10784)
Posted: 11/04/14 United States- ME -Augusta
Manager - Energy Control Center (RGE 8988 10692)
Posted: 11/04/14 United States- NY -Rochester
Solar Supervisor (REN)
Posted: 11/04/14 United States- CO -San Luis
Administrator, Wind Plant- Penascal
Posted: 11/04/14 United States- TX -Sarita
Senior Systems & Reporting Analyst (IEH)
Posted: 10/28/14 United States
Lead Engineer - Telecommunications Fiber/Microwave (IUMC 7949)
Posted: 10/28/14 United States- NY -Rochester
Lead Analyst - Energy Control Systems - Technical (IUMC 47206)
Posted: 10/28/14 United States- NY -Binghamton
Engineer - Investment Planning (RGE 8666)
Posted: 10/28/14 United States- NY -Rochester
Associate Engineer - PMO Controller (RGE 8643)
Posted: 10/28/14 United States- NY -Rochester
Director - Networks Accounting (IR1 1028)
Posted: 10/21/14 United States- ME -Pineland
Analyst - Purchasing (IUMC)
Posted: 10/21/14 United States- NY -Rochester
Line Mechanic 1/C (NYSEG 10008)
Posted: 10/21/14 United States- NY -Bedford Hills
Associate Engineer - Electric Maintenance Engineer (RGE 10730)
Posted: 10/16/14 United States- NY -Rochester
Lead Analyst – Regulatory FERC Regulation (IUMC 10541)
Posted: 10/14/14 United States- NY -Rochester
Associate Engineer - Electric Distribution Engineering ( RG&E 10012 )
Posted: 10/09/14 United States- NY -Rochester
Engineer- Electric System Engineering (CMP Standards Substations 47280)
Posted: 10/09/14 United States- ME -Augusta
Gas Fitter 1/C, 2/C Acceptable (NYSEG 10375)
Posted: 10/09/14 United States- NY -Clifton Park
Lead Analyst - Key Account Management (NYSEG 10240)
Posted: 10/02/14 United States- NY -Geneva
Lead Analyst - Billing & Risk Management (NYSEG 9583)
Posted: 10/02/14 United States- NY -Binghamton
Associate Engineer - Electric System Engineering (Assistant Project Manager NYSEG 10423)
Posted: 10/02/14 United States- NY -Binghamton
Manager, Wind Plant - New Harvest (REN)
Posted: 09/30/14 United States- IA -Schleswig
Wind Plant Technician (Floater Reg 2) (REN)
Posted: 09/23/14 United States- IA -Schleswig
Project Manager (NYSEG 10163)
Posted: 09/23/14 United States- NY -Binghamton
Meter Tech B CMP (9488 - CMP - Lewiston)
Posted: 09/23/14 United States- ME -Lewiston
Engineer - Field Telecommunications (NYSEG 9679)
Posted: 09/23/14 United States- NY -Mechanicville
Manager - Programs/Projects (Project Manager CMP 7514)
Posted: 09/18/14 United States- ME -Augusta
Technician, Wind Plant-Rugby (REN)
Posted: 09/18/14 United States- ND -Barton
Lead Analyst - Corporate Security Fire Protection (IUMC 10049)
Posted: 09/18/14 United States- NY -Rochester
Architect - Threat & Incident Response (IUMC 10062)
Posted: 09/18/14 United States- NY -Rochester
Technician, Wind Plant - Pebble Springs (REN)
Posted: 09/16/14 United States- OR -Arlington
Lead Analyst - Compliance (Safety) (NYSEG 9158)
Posted: 09/16/14 United States- NY -Clifton Park
Senior Database Administrator (REN)
Posted: 09/09/14 United States- OR -Portland
Wind Turbine Electrical Engineer (Renewables)
Posted: 09/02/14 United States- OR -Portland
Wind Plant Technician-Baffin Bay (Renewables)
Posted: 09/02/14 United States- TX -Sarita
Lead Engineer - Electric System Engineering (NYSEG - 47571 Transmission)
Posted: 09/02/14 United States- NY - Binghamton
Lead Engineer - Electric Maintenance Engineering (RGE 7052)
Posted: 09/02/14 United States- NY -Rochester
Technician, Wind Plant Cayuga Ridge (REN)
Posted: 08/26/14 United States- IL -Odell
Wind Plant Technician-Top of Iowa (REN)
Posted: 08/26/14 United States- IA -Kensett
Iberdrola USA
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