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Open Positions
Technician - Electrical 2015-5808
Posted: 06/23/15 United States- PA -Chalfont
Regional Business Development Manager 2015-5863
Posted: 06/23/15 United States- CA -Oakland
Project Manager - Renewable Energy 2015-5882
Posted: 06/23/15 United States- WA -Seattle
Project Manager (Solar) 2015-5888
Posted: 06/23/15 United States- CA -San Diego
Project Coordinator 2015-5846
Posted: 06/23/15 United States- PA -Chalfont
Program Inspector & Energy Engineer (Entry Level) 2015-5855
Posted: 06/23/15 United States- CA -Oakland
Operations Engineer - Inverter Tests
Posted: 06/23/15 United States- CA -Berkeley
Energy Efficiency Engineer 2015-5779
Posted: 06/23/15 United States- OH -Dublin
Energy Analyst - Wind
Posted: 06/23/15 United States- TX -Austin
Consultant – Transmission Planning and Production Cost Analysis 2014-4716
Posted: 06/23/15 United States- TX -Dallas
Administrative Asst. l/ll 2015-5790
Posted: 06/23/15 United States- CA -Oakland
Test Engineer 2015-5793
Posted: 06/04/15 United States- PA -Chalfont
Technician - Logistics 2015-5811
Posted: 06/04/15 United States- PA -Chalfont
Retail Energy Consultant 2015-5788
Posted: 06/04/15 United States- MA -Burlington
Program Coordinator 2015-5548
Posted: 05/21/15 United States- NV -Las Vegas
Outreach Professional 2015-5710
Posted: 05/21/15 United States- IL -Oak Brook
Engineer 2015-5680
Posted: 05/21/15 United States- PA -Chalfont
Energy Engineer 2015-5739
Posted: 05/21/15 United States- PA -Chalfont
Cyber Security Consultant 2015-5681
Posted: 05/21/15 United States- AZ -Phoenix
Business Analyst 2015-5734
Posted: 05/21/15 United States- CA -Oakland
Analyst - Solar Energy Assessment 2015-5197
Posted: 05/21/15 United States- WA -Seattle
Revenue Accountant 2015-5697
Posted: 05/21/15 United States- WA -Seattle
Project Engineer 2015-5675
Posted: 05/12/15 United States- WA -Seattle
Marketing Coordinator 2015-5678
Posted: 05/12/15 United States- IL -Oak Brook
Business Unit Finance Manager 2015-5331
Posted: 05/12/15 United States- CA -Oakland
Business Development Specialist 2015-5683
Posted: 05/12/15 United States- CA -Oakland
Building Energy Simulation Engineer 2014-4828
Posted: 05/12/15 United States- TN -Nashville
Solar Engineer 2015-5086
Posted: 05/06/15 United States- WA -Seattle
Senior Consultant – Energy Data Analytics 2015-5653
Posted: 05/06/15 United States- MI -Detroit
Project Biologist 2015-5649
Posted: 05/06/15 United States- MA -Burlington
Project and Business Development Writer 2014-4674
Posted: 05/06/15 United States- MA -Burlington
Principal Evaluation Engineer 2014-4966
Posted: 05/06/15 United States
Lead Consultant – Transmission Planning & BES Studies 2015-5057
Posted: 05/06/15 United States- CA -San Ramon
Head of Section - Turbine Technology 2015-5067
Posted: 05/06/15 United States- WA -Seattle
Energy Engineer 2015-5621
Posted: 05/06/15 United States- PA -Allentown
Electrical Engineer - Wind and Solar 2015-5637
Posted: 05/06/15 United States- CA -Oakland
Technical Assistant - Energy Specialist
Posted: 04/28/15 United States- MI -Okemos
Senior Engineer 2015-5610
Posted: 04/28/15 United States- AZ -Phoenix
Senior Electrical Engineer – Wind and Solar
Posted: 04/21/15 United States- CA -Oakland
Independent Engineer -Civil INDIA 2013-2748
Posted: 04/17/15 India
High Power Senior Electrical Test Engineer 2014-4900
Posted: 04/17/15 United States- PA -
High Power Electrical Test Engineer 2014-4899
Posted: 04/17/15 United States- PA -
Head of Department, Sustainable Buildings & Communities 2015-5514
Posted: 04/17/15 United States- CA -Oakland
Engineer / Consultant HVDC Overhead lines 2015-5165
Posted: 04/17/15 Netherlands
Web Designer/Support 2015-5531
Posted: 04/16/15 United States- CA -Oakland
Technical Consultant 2015-5492
Posted: 04/07/15 United States- PA -Chalfont
Sales Executive – High-Voltage Testing, Inspection, and Certification Services 2015-5481
Posted: 04/07/15 United States- PA -
Project Manager - WIND 2015-5478
Posted: 04/07/15 United States- WA -Seattle
Project Administrator 2015-5452
Posted: 04/07/15 United States- MI -Okemos
Principal – Senior Consultant, (Electricity Storage & Distributed Resources)2015-5458
Posted: 04/07/15 United States- WA -Seattle
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