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Xcel Energy

128 Positions listed on EnergyCentralJobs.com

Company Description:
Xcel Energy is a major U.S. electricity and natural gas company that provides a comprehensive portfolio of energy-related products and services to 3.3 million electricity customers and 1.8 million natural gas customers through its regulated operating companies in eight Western and Midwestern states. We are the No.1 overall wind power provider in the nation, according to American Wind Energy Association, and listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

Open Positions
Performance Testing Tech II or III Job
Posted: 07/23/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Plant Supervisor Job
Posted: 07/23/14 US- CO -Boulder
Control Room Operator B Apprentice (1st Year) Job
Posted: 07/23/14 US- NM -Hobbs
Nuclear Work Control Center Manager Job
Posted: 07/23/14 US- MN -Welch
Nuclear Performance Assessment Manager Job
Posted: 07/23/14 US- MN -Welch
Mechanical Engineer Nuclear Job
Posted: 07/23/14 US- MN -Monticello
Environmental Policy Manager Job
Posted: 07/23/14 US- CO -Denver
Plant Superintendent Job
Posted: 07/23/14 US- MN -Burnsville
Civic and Political Engagement Consultant Job
Posted: 07/23/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Health and Welfare Benefits Consultant Job
Posted: 07/23/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Payroll Supervisor Job
Posted: 07/23/14 US- CO -Denver
Director Regional Substation O&M Job
Posted: 07/22/14 US- MN -Maple Grove
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Job
Posted: 07/22/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Posted: 07/22/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Engineering Change (EC) Coordinator - Engineer II/Analyst IBEW 949 Job
Posted: 07/22/14 US- MN -Welch
Nuclear Mechanical Design Engineer Job
Posted: 07/22/14 US- MN -Welch
Service Fitter Job
Posted: 07/22/14 US- CO -Grand Junction
Design Supervisor (Ashland, Ironwood or Phillips) Job
Posted: 07/22/14 US- WI -Phillips
Lineman (Advanced Step 4th Yr or higher / Journeyman) Job
Posted: 07/22/14 US- NM -Carlsbad
Senior Product Portfolio Manager Job
Posted: 07/22/14 US- CO -Denver
Substation Commissioning Principal Engineer Job
Posted: 07/19/14 US- MN -Maple Grove
Manager, System Protection Job
Posted: 07/19/14 US- CO -Golden
Manager, Fleet Construction & Maintenance Job
Posted: 07/19/14 US- WI -Eau Claire
Associate Materials Project Planner Job
Posted: 07/19/14 US- MN -Maple Grove
Sr. Field Operations Associate Job
Posted: 07/19/14 US- WI -Phillips
Storekeeper Job
Posted: 07/19/14 US- NM -Hobbs
Advanced Step/Journeyman Lineman Job
Posted: 07/18/14 US- WI -La Crosse
Troubleman Job
Posted: 07/18/14 US- WI -La Crosse
Supervisor, Substation Design Job
Posted: 07/18/14 US- TX -Amarillo
District Supervisor, Gas Transmission Job
Posted: 07/17/14 US- CO -Silverthorne
Associate Designer/Designer Job
Posted: 07/16/14 US- WI -La Crosse
Control Room Oper B Apr 1st Yr Job
Posted: 07/16/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Posted: 07/16/14 US- WI -Eau Claire
Posted: 07/16/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Environmental Analyst II or III Job
Posted: 07/16/14 US- TX -Earth
Journeyman Lineman Job
Posted: 07/16/14 US- MN -Maple Grove
Call Center Associate- Customer Contact Center (Temporary-Part-Time; Non-Benefit) Job
Posted: 07/15/14 US- WI -Eau Claire
Account Manager / Key Account Manager Job
Posted: 07/15/14 US- NM -Hobbs
Regional Government Affairs Director, Colorado Job
Posted: 07/12/14 US- CO -Denver
Posted: 07/12/14 US- CO -Denver
Staff Engineer Job
Posted: 07/12/14 US- CO -Denver
Paralegal / Sr. Paralegal Job
Posted: 07/12/14 US- CO -Denver
Plant Supervisor Job
Posted: 07/12/14 US- CO -Denver
Lineman Journeyman Serviceman Job
Posted: 07/11/14 US- TX -Pampa
Lineman Journeyman Serviceman Job
Posted: 07/11/14 US- NM -Hobbs
Distribution Dispatcher BTraining Job
Posted: 07/11/14 US- TX -Lubbock
Transmission Tariff Consultant or Senior Consultant Job
Posted: 07/11/14 US- TX -Amarillo
IT Business Process Consultant Job
Posted: 07/11/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Environmentalist II or III Job
Posted: 07/10/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Engineering Intern Job
Posted: 07/10/14 US- CO -Denver
Electric Meter Technician I Job
Posted: 07/10/14 US- MN -Faribault
Electric Meter Specialist Job
Posted: 07/10/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Sourcing Project Associate Specialist, Specialist Job
Posted: 07/10/14 US- CO -Denver
Safety & Training Consultant or Senior Consultant Job
Posted: 07/10/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Procedures Specialist (Writer) Job
Posted: 07/10/14 US- MN -Welch
Foreman Electric Working Job
Posted: 07/10/14 US- CO -Silverthorne
Mechanic Specialist Job
Posted: 07/10/14 US- CO -Pueblo
Project Lead Job
Posted: 07/10/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Operations Maintenance Analyst Job
Posted: 07/10/14 US- CO -Denver
Engineer or Senior Engineer - Nuclear Regulatory Licensing Job
Posted: 07/10/14 US- MN -Monticello
Veteran General Interest Job
Posted: 07/10/14 US- CO -Denver
Performance Assessment Coordinator Job
Posted: 07/09/14 US- MN -Welch
Plant Department Manager Job
Posted: 07/09/14 US- TX -Muleshoe
Manager, Gas Emergency Response Job
Posted: 07/09/14 US- CO -Denver
Manager, Siting & Land Rights Job
Posted: 07/08/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Call Center Associate - Customer Contact Center (Benefited) Job
Posted: 07/08/14 US- MN -Roseville
Nuclear Project Manager Job
Posted: 07/04/14 US- MN -Monticello
Plant Controls Technician Job
Posted: 07/03/14 US- NM -Hobbs
Truck Driver 1st Year Job
Posted: 07/03/14 US- NM -Roswell
Gas Transmission Engineer Job
Posted: 07/03/14 US- CO -Denver
Plant Electrician Specialist Job
Posted: 07/03/14 US- CO -Brush
Engineering Support Engineer/Engineering Analyst Job
Posted: 07/01/14 US- MN -Welch
HR Business Consultant - Nuclear Job
Posted: 07/01/14 US- MN -Monticello
Technical Instructor - Engineering Job
Posted: 06/28/14 US- MN -Welch
Journeyman Lineman Job
Posted: 06/28/14 US- CO -Boulder
Regulatory Policy Specialist Job
Posted: 06/28/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Transmission Business Relations Intern Job
Posted: 06/27/14 US- CO -Golden
Safety & Training Consultant Job
Posted: 06/26/14 US- MN -Maple Grove
Journeyman Lineman Job
Posted: 06/26/14 US- CO -Silverthorne
Nuclear Project Manager Job
Posted: 06/26/14 US- MN -Welch
Resource Planning Intern Job
Posted: 06/25/14 US- CO -Denver
Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer Job
Posted: 06/25/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Electric Equipment Tester Job
Posted: 06/24/14 US- CO -Denver
Gas Compliance Training Consultant Job
Posted: 06/24/14 US- MN -Hugo
Manager, Siting & Land Rights Job
Posted: 06/24/14 US- CO -Denver
Engineering Design Manager Job
Posted: 06/22/14 US- MN -Monticello
Senior Substation Design Engineer Job
Posted: 06/21/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Lineman Appr 1st Yr Job
Posted: 06/21/14 US- NM -Hobbs
EMS/SCADA Database Specialist/Sr Specialist Job
Posted: 06/20/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Operations Support Manager Job
Posted: 06/19/14 US- MN -Welch
Sr. Engineer Job
Posted: 06/18/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Regulatory Affairs Engineer Job
Posted: 06/18/14 US- MN -Welch
Manager- Spent Nuclear Fuel Projects Job
Posted: 06/17/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Substation Commissioning Engineering Intern Job
Posted: 06/12/14 US- MN -Maple Grove
Senior Director Nuclear Engineering Job
Posted: 06/12/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Appendix R/Fire Protection Engineer/Engineering Analyst Job
Posted: 06/11/14 US- MN -Welch
Electrical - I&C Systems Engineer/Analyst Job
Posted: 06/11/14 US- MN -Welch
Staff Engineer Job
Posted: 06/11/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Posted: 06/07/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Project Controls Specialist Job
Posted: 06/06/14 US- MN -Welch
Posted: 06/05/14 US- CO -Denver
Engineering Supervisor, Metering Performance and Standards Job
Posted: 06/04/14 US- CO -Henderson
Emergency Operations Procedure (EOP) Writer Job
Posted: 06/04/14 US- MN -Welch
Project Scheduler - Monticello Job
Posted: 06/03/14 US- MN -Monticello
Substation Commissioning Engineer Job
Posted: 05/31/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Gas Fitter Job
Posted: 05/31/14 US- CO -Sterling
Quantitative Analyst Internship Job
Posted: 05/29/14 US- CO -Denver
Engineering Supervisor Job
Posted: 05/29/14 US- MN -Welch
Nuclear Project Manager I Job
Posted: 05/28/14 US- MN -Welch
Regulatory Affairs Manager Job
Posted: 05/28/14 US- MN -Monticello
Instructor Operations Job
Posted: 05/28/14 US- MN -Monticello
Mechanical System Engineer IBEW 949 Job
Posted: 05/28/14 US- MN -Welch
Engineer Nuclear Job
Posted: 05/25/14 US- MN -Monticello
Substation Commissioning Engineer Job
Posted: 05/25/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Consultant Level - Nuclear Contract Administrator Job
Posted: 05/25/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Troubleman Job
Posted: 05/21/14 US- MN -St Paul
Design Engineer II Job
Posted: 05/13/14 US- MN -Welch
Senior Transmission Tariff Consultant Job
Posted: 05/13/14 US- CO -Denver
Fitter Job
Posted: 05/13/14 US- CO -Silverthorne
Associate Category Manager Job
Posted: 05/07/14 US- MN -Welch
Procurement Engineering Supervisor Job
Posted: 05/06/14 US- MN -Monticello
Lineman Apprentice (Advanced Step 4th Yr or higher / Journeyman) Job
Posted: 05/06/14 US- NM -Hobbs
Electrical/I&C Design Engineer II Job
Posted: 05/06/14 US- MN -Welch
Fleet Mechanic A Job
Posted: 05/01/14 US- NM -Carlsbad
System Engineer - Electrical Job
Posted: 04/30/14 US- MN -Minneapolis
Sr. Mechanical Engineer Job
Posted: 04/29/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Senior/Principal Substation Communications Engineer Job
Posted: 04/26/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Substation Communication Engineer Job
Posted: 04/26/14 US- TX -Amarillo
Xcel Energy
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